What Is SEO Traffic Target?

Do you know what the easiest way to get more search traffic is? It’s to get international search traffic by translating your content into multiple languages.

The majority of the world doesn’t speak English. Which means people are searching in other languages.

The cool part about non-English speaking languages is that they aren’t that competitive on Google, yet they make up billions of searches.

Search engines like Google are looking for more content to index and rank. So if you translate your content into multiple languages you can quickly grow your search traffic.

If you want to automatically translate your content, then you can use WordPress plugins like Transposh. But of course, manual translation is always preferred.

Once you translate your content, you want to use hreflang, which is a code that tells search engines and browsers where to direct people based on the language they speak.

When translating your site don’t worry about duplicate content as search engines won’t penalize for this.

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